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  hi.  my name is sandi rusch

 and i live & work as a full time artist in white township, nj


building birdhomes is what brings my heart joy.  i love to work with used parts - i want to recycle, repurpose and reuse old rusty worn things... and make them part of a home.

when i am creating a birdhouse, i am not just creating a piece that will sit on a shelf or table... i am creating a home.  i am filling it with love, and light, laughter and fun.  i am putting a piece of myself in each one.  i take each 'thing' and i attach it with intention.  these are not just wood and paint and metal... they are living, breathing vessels that hold part of my soul.

there is a 'ceremony' (for lack of a better word) that i do for each home prior to starting.  it's top secret and only one other person in the whole world knows what it is and since he doesn't remember it (his admission) my secret is safe.

during the ceremony i physically and energetically infuse the home with its intention.  (and sometimes the house tells me the intention.  sometimes i have to instruct it.)  

like i said... these homes have a soul... and very special magic.

oh, and that pretty girl in the photo above? that's angel.  she's 65 pounds of love and personality.  she is my shadow, my pal, my studio-mate (which is awesome except when she snores) and my bebe.

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