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welcome to f.a.q.'s.   if your question isn't answered here, feel free to email me at, or through the contact and ordering tab above.


i know you decorate them, but do you make the birdhomes themselves?

no.  i have a supplier about 30 minutes from me.   he supplies with the bare birdhomes, i alter them into what you see here.  he uses recycled barn wood.  at some point jeff will have the wood shop set up and he will become my supplier.  :-)


can i request the color or metal choice?

after you decide on the size you want and place your order, i will be in contact with you (usually via email) to go over some information.  at that point i'll be asking questions about colors and metals, style, for instance i will ask you "do you prefer rusty and grungy, or retro and chrome, or odd and quirky?" i will try to get the best feel for what you have in mind, but i do not do anymore customization than that.  i do have many homes with specific themes like 'beach home' and 'broach motel' (covered with discarded jewelry) in some of the local stores, and online here (coming soon winter 2016).  

where do you get the items you use?

everywhere.  but mostly flea markets, garage sales, garbage, used auto parts, antique shops and common household items. 

after a while the flea market vendors got to know us, sunday after sunday digging through old rusty stuff to grab treasures.  and one by one they started asking us why we bought such an eclectic assortment of 'stuff' each week.   most responded "yeah, i figured it had to be some kind of art thing".

are the homes indoor only?

although my birdhomes are generally for inside use and decorative only, i can make the home work outside just fine... but i do need to know that immediately, it affects what i adorn the house with.   outdoor homes tend to be more paint than metal items, mainly because weather will affect them, and the nails or screws will be dangerous to the birds from the inside.  outdoor homes are not guaranteed for how long they will withstand the elements.  There is no customization available on outdoor homes.

if i don't see something in your store and i order one, how long will it take to make?

that depends on many variables including the availability of the size and the number of orders in front of you.  i promise to give you a 'guesstimate' at the time of the order.  

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