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because each birdhome i create is unique, and one of a kind, pricing depends on the size of the home you wish to order.  below you will see photos of birdhome "blanks" that i use. 

all sizes listed below are approximate.  the style home shown in the photo may not be the exact style home you receive.  if you have a preference, please let me know at the time of ordering.  depending on my on-hand stock, and my ability to get to my supplier, that may impact how quickly you receive your home.

if you need a specifically sized home, please let me know and i will do my best to accommodate.

the ginormous birdhome:




the ginormous birdhome measures approximately:

19-1/2" tall

6" wide

8" deep


this style can be for pole or fence hanging - bluebird style or flat bottomed.  i will have a-frame homes this size in the near future.


the ginormous birdhome is my favorite because of all the real estate... i can fill it with lots of STUFF. 


$275 - free shipping (USA only)

the chunky medium home:

the chunky medium home measures approximately:

9-1/2" tall

6" wide

6-1/2" deep

the chunky medium home also allows for some great surfaces - allowing me to get super creative when choosing the special items for it!

$200 - free shipping (USA only)


the medium grand tower birdhome:

the medium grand tower birdhome measures approximately

12-1/2" tall

4-1/2" wide

4-1/2" deep

the medium grand tower birdhome is my most popular item.  this home lends itself best to customization.

$175 - free shipping (US only)

le petit birdhome

le petit birdhome measures approximately

7-1/2" tall

5" wide

6" deep


cute as a button, this size home is perfect for a simple statement. please note, this home can not be done as a themed home. 


$150 - free shipping (US only)



here is a photo of approximately how the sizes look in comparison to each other.  again, each home is built using recycled barn wood, completely unique in textures, size variances and style.....   the four homes pictured below may not be an exact representation of the home being done for you.



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